Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Type of Truck Bed Liner

We think it's important to keep customers informed about how their vehicles work. Part of being an informed truck owner is knowing the four types of truck bed liners and what their pros and cons are.

Drop-in bed liners mold to the truck bed. They are fastened in through bolts for a secure fit. Drop-in bed liners are ideal for construction workers because they absorb shock from heavy items like bricks, plywood, and debris. Bed rugs don't need to be drilled into the truck bed. They lie flat on the bed. Some bed rugs stretch up the sides. If you need to kneel a lot on the truck bed, this is a good bed liner as it's easy on your knees. The third type of truck bed liner is spray-on. A professional spray on the bed liner. It takes about 5-6 hours. Lastly, you have bed mats as an option. They can be rolled in and out of the truck with ease.

Now that you know the four types of truck bed liners, you can make an informed decision about which is best for your pickup truck. If your vehicle is in need of servicing, you can stop by Edinburg Motors Inc. in Edinburg, VA.

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